blues du jour

blues du jour


one ought, every day at least, to compose a fine piece of 'blues' ~jonnie purple

111002 "il capo"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-10-02 23:56:47

today i listened to the late great robert pete williams, enjoyed his odd blues keys, attached my capo (thanks derek) and off we go.

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110925 "power walk"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-09-25 15:53:39

today i tried to hook up with a couple of friends visiting stklm but they where out on a power walk. not really sure what kind of walk that is i set out to execute one myself on the keys.

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110912 "tea 'n baileys"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-09-13 04:42:46
a famous order by a friend at the grand hotel a few years back.

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110910 "mystery stool"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-09-11 19:01:54
at my local bar i met this lady named maria who offered me a place to sit only if i gave her something in return. i offered her a piece of music.

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110903 "hinten-tinten"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-09-03 21:43:18
to my friend mats almegård, fan of a certain visage song, who's throwing a big birthday party tonight.

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110831 "gone shades"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-31 23:28:45
shades before midnight, or else..
this might be the crudest, ugliest piece of music i've come up with so far. there´s a record for everything i guess.

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110830 "on the fringe"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-30 23:51:19
to all the outsiders in the world.

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110829 "pedro X"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-30 03:18:38

as of a famous sweet wine, enjoyed this evening, leading to a 16 bar blues in 3/4.

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110828 "Jean"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-29 02:54:20
tonight i saw a play by strindberg, "miss julie", and this piece is dedicated to jean, the servant who´s trapped in love, lust and fear.

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110827 "swing-swang"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-27 14:35:47
playing a gig tonight with "Eli's swing thing", made this for the show..

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110826 "more and more is less"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-26 16:59:12
this summer i have tried to keep things simple, sometimes also the music.

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110824 "ride with a view"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-24 23:42:12
this morning i took the train back from örebro to stklm, trying to sneak in to 1st class since those seats are comfortably placed high above the ground on the second floor, but i was asked by the staff to leave, after 20 minutes or so. short but sweet.

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110822 "saltorp"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-23 01:56:21
a tiny place outside mullhyttan, outside fjugesta, outside örebro.

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110820 "kräfta"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-08-20 17:50:40
going over to my sisters, having a traditional crawfish dinner with her and two of my brothers, tomas and virgil.

this piece is to our dark mysterious friends on the bottom of lakes and creeks, black and swift before we boil them alive to appetizing red obedience..

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