blues du jour

blues du jour


one ought, every day at least, to compose a fine piece of 'blues' ~jonnie purple

110801 "wolfie"

with soundPosted by magnus 2016-01-16 17:58:15
listened to some songs by the great howlin´wolf this evening and enter this riff.

an attempt on a driving pattern topped with a reasonably odd melody

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with soundPosted by magnus 2015-04-24 14:03:11

hej alla (english further down). hoppas ni mår som prinsossor hennihopa. jag mår prima, men jag kollade körkortet häromdagen och insåg att jag snart inte är 40+ längre. kan man tro?

så innan jag begår ättestupa tänkte jag ha en liten sammankomst. det vore flott om ni hade möjlighet att härvara lördag 16 maj. frågor på det? kolla isf denna informativa (?) video.

platsen för detta har varit under förhandling men nu är det spikat. det blir konstnärsklubbens festlokal i konstnärshuset, smålandsgatan 7. det hela rullar igång runt kl 18.00.

det blir mingel och drinkar följt av diverse levande musik och disco till rätt sent. det kommer att finnas högtaleri, instrument och backline så den som vill framföra något är välkommen att göra det. men programmet blir hårt styrt av MC diktator (jag), såsiga jamsessions göre sig icke besvär.

presenter undanbedes, er närvaro är det viktiga, men eftersom ingen mat serveras (kom mätta, men törstiga) tänkte jag be er bidra med nånting kul till tilltuggsbuffén. det räcker med något litet per hushåll. konferera med mig innan. jag gillar t.ex. snö...

uppdateringar sker här (och på FB-gruppen 'en bar på slottet') men det går bra att kontakta mig direkt via telefon, mail eller fejjan. för inside information och hemligheter kontaktar ni min käre bror och kumpan tomas på mejl; tomas at hejgrafik punkt se eller telefon 0739 19 35 35.

klädsel; nja

ride on, och meddela mig om ni kan komma senast 6 maj.

hett välkomna!

- - -

dear friends, do feel warmly invited to a bit of festivities to celebrate the coming of age and nurturing of the inner child. i am turning 50 and have no intention of stopping there. but i wish to bring together some of the great soulful people i've had the pleasure of meeting over the years and figured this was a good opportunity.

i don´t have a proper translation of the lyrics in the video but in short it´s about how time flies, symbolized by the passing of grains in a sandglass. but we can enjoy the ride a bit more if we shake the glass making the grains, and ourselves, swirl and dance.

party takes place saturday may 16 in a festive location in central stockholm. a palace actually, konstnärshuset, smålandsgatan 7.

please be welcome!

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120107 "gentle giant"

with soundPosted by magnus 2012-01-07 22:49:36
alex van heerden died three years ago on this day. and not a single day has passed without me thinking of him. min vän, i cherish the memories of the good times we spent together. you created, and left behind, a great space for us to fill with joy and soulful deeds, the stuff that you were made of.

here´s a piece i´ve been playing around with for some time, dedicated to alex. it´s a work in progress but this is how it sounded when i sat by the piano earlier today.

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120102 "the hideout"

with soundPosted by magnus 2012-01-02 23:57:16
but first, for a dear friend who chose to fly below the radar a couple of days.

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111229 "level Tacoma"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-12-31 18:21:09
enjoyed a poignant hummus in great company.

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111228 "descendants"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-12-30 15:05:23

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111227 "salander"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-12-28 05:43:21
just saw fincher´s latest. it´s boooring. the original story is not very substantial and this adaptation doesn´t add much drama to it. however, most of the cast speak like the swedish chef in the muppet show so we get our share of unintentional humour.

but salanders character is intriguing and both rapace and mara did a great job. here´s my idea of what music goes along with her persona. dark, fragile, kind hearted, distorted.

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111226 "en back snaps"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-12-26 17:22:56

title´s in swedish, meaning a crate of schnapps (or aquavit, our national liquor, consumed extensively around christmas and midsummer, to help digest the pickled herring, i think..).

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111210 "Alfie"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-12-25 21:40:41

the date for the big nobel prize party over at the city hall. alfred made a fortune on explosives, hence the sudden burst in bar four. this is just a quick&crude iPhone recording, i should replace it later on.

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111104 "Vismut"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-11-04 23:08:36
an evocative word from a strange and beautiful poem by gösta kriland i got to read in studio 2 at EMS wednesday night, part of a work johannes bergmark is doing at the moment (click on the 'info' tag on the sound file to get a glimpse). the crude percussion i recorded at KMH in an attempt to mimic a samba-reggae type orchestra.

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111101 "random"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-11-04 23:03:30

different kinds of randomness treated here

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111029 "who's Kim?"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-10-30 01:17:15
from a story told by mr erik. before starting work at a summer camp the staff had a life saving exercise suggesting everybody to take part in a bit of role play, much to eriks distress. a certain kim was "drowning" in a "lake" and erik tried to figure out who to save.

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111019 "kid city"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-10-19 17:47:04

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111013 "Blue moons"

with soundPosted by magnus 2011-10-16 22:50:45
the other night i watched the beautiful full moon. these days it always fills me with equal parts joy and sadness. as i was staring up in the night sky i imagined there being two moons, wondering what effect it might have on us. would it create a state of equilibrium, or would we end up feeling twice as blue?

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